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GONSTEAD – Simply the Best


spineDr. Thomas J. Campbell is one of only 2 dedicated providers of the Gonstead System in the V.A, D.C. Metro area.

The GONSTEAD METHOD – Is the most effective method available for Returning your spine to its optimum condition - PAIN FREE.  We do this by increasing joint motion, relieving muscular spasm and nerve pain while rehabilitating the vertebrae into the correct position allowing for optimal function of YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM – so YOUR body is then able to function pain free.

Mastering the art of delivering the very specific, precise and painless Gonstead treatment – Requires intense practice, dedication and expert skill of a chiropractor trained in the Gonstead System. Learn More»

Dr. Campbell will provide you with his expertise in the GONSTEAD System. Plus his extensive training in Osteopathy and  Physical therapy techniques that he learned in Australia to GET YOU WELL AND KEEP YOU WELL

Why wait for pain?

Would you only go see your dentist when you were in pain – NO of course not – by then it may be too late.

Surely your spinal cord is more important than your teeth – So you CANT AFFORD TO WAIT.

Take control your health Today – Call for an appointment to find out what condition your spine is in – Remember – just like with your teeth – By the time you feel pain – It may be TOO late.

Dr. Campbell will professionally document your health history and  carefully evaluate your spine and other concerns you may have. Then a Comprehensive  chiropractic plan is developed and implemented based on our extensive experience in how to get you well and keep you healthy, avoiding unnecessary surgery and maximizing your body’s natural potential well in to your 70’s,80’s and beyond – really! Our oldest patient is 97 and still lives independently.

It is better to Stay in good health, Rather than to wait until you are in pain. GET YOUNG – STAY YOUNG We are your partner in YOUR HEALTH care and keeping you as active as you want to be.

Contact our Alexandria office to make an appointment today – and start on your path to A PAIN FREE LIFE  as nature intended for you!

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